We just had camp!!!!!! It was so fun! We went on a ferry to Cheung Chau island and than hiked up a big mountain to get to camp then we went rock climbing! There was a flat one you can climb and a slanted one. One of my friends said I took 30 seconds to do the slanted one, but I don’t think so. Then we made some G.O.R.P. (Good Old Raisons & Peanuts). But we made it with crackers, cereal, M&M’s, and dried fruit. Then we did tie dye. I cant rmember the other things we did but I know they were so fun!

Student Challange #9

We for challange 9 we have to look at these graphs and

  • Give your opinion of the information on the graphic
  • How well do I fit into that infographic
  • Is this typical of our friends

The youth group uses the computer way to much! And that the seniors use the computer to little.

I fit in to the young teens!

Yup! All my friends love the computer especial for the social network part!

Festival of the Arts

Every year my school has some kind of art show all week. (Evning of the arts, Festival of the arts). And this week is Week of the Arts! On tuesday we had a director from hollwood came and showed us a trailer of a movie he directed then we asked him questions and he answerd them. A lady came in and showed us how to decorate a cake. On wendsday we had teachers peform their tallents. Then we went to a theater to watch mimes act out a play. Did you know that to clap in sign laghue you raise you hands and move them left and right? Its so cool when more things happen I will edit this post and ad them.

Challenge #7 (Earth Day)

For blogging challenge #7 we have to right about earth day. At school we just did normal school work with some lights out.  But after school                  Eagle 18 came over for a sleep over and we turned out all the lights and light my Moms many collection of candles and sat down and told ghost stories. After that I taught Eagle 18 how to play Grampa Rummy (Its a family game). I think we should have earth day more often. Lets watch a video.


We had a bully work shop with the grade 6’s…

Question: It is hard to stand up to against a bully! How can we find the courge to do something about it? Is it okay to tell a parent, teacher or trusted adult?

Answer: It is hard to stand up against a bully! To find the courage to do something about it just think ‘I am going to be helping she/him/me and showing the bully that she/him is not so scary & that she/him cant do every thing they want.It is fine to tell a parent, teacher or trusted adult about being bullied but you should confront the bully first or else the bully will never stop!

The Demon King (A book review)

Over the holidays I went into a reading frenzy. I started at one book and flashed through the rest but one book made me slow down. The Demon King. It was a book that made me stop and read and want more. This book kept me guessing the whole way through (and not many books can make me do that). Its about a boy named Han Alistar (aka. Cuffs). Han used to be strret lord but left that life but when he ‘accidentally’ captures the princess heir the whole world shakes with magic.

Warning next part holds spoilers! But then the princess runs away. And Han finds out he is the great great great something son of the Demon King (An evil king who almost destroyed the world) but the clans think he is pure hearted so they send him of to Ordains Fort (were the princess is hiding) to protect her and learn to control hi powers.

Its such a good book hers a picture of the cover…


Creative Commons (Challenge 5#)

I want a license for creative commons but only the kind that lets people use it not the kind were people can change it and sell  it. I want a license because I want  people to show my work and appreciate it. But I really don’t want people to sell it. Also I get comments from people I don’t know.