The Demon King (A book review)

Over the holidays I went into a reading frenzy. I started at one book and flashed through the rest but one book made me slow down. The Demon King. It was a book that made me stop and read and want more. This book kept me guessing the whole way through (and not many books can make me do that). Its about a boy named Han Alistar (aka. Cuffs). Han used to be strret lord but left that life but when he ‘accidentally’ captures the princess heir the whole world shakes with magic.

Warning next part holds spoilers! But then the princess runs away. And Han finds out he is the great great great something son of the Demon King (An evil king who almost destroyed the world) but the clans think he is pure hearted so they send him of to Ordains Fort (were the princess is hiding) to protect her and learn to control hi powers.

Its such a good book hers a picture of the cover…


4 thoughts on “The Demon King (A book review)

  1. I’ve seen that book before. It seems really interesting now. It’s going on my books-to-read list. Comment back at

  2. Hello Eagle6
    I loved your book review on ‘The Demon King’ it sounds like a good book.You have definetly convinced me to read it.

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